SUIT Consultation

SUIT run and host a number of forums and consultations at any given time. It is crucial that those accessing services, or those who have done in the past are given every opportunity to have their say in matters that affect their lives. The very concept of SUIT came about to ensure that this happened.


SUIT Monthly Open Forum

We work in partnership with our drug and alcohol treatment services in the City to offer a monthly opportunity for indiviuals to attend a forum meeting where their views are appreciated and welcomed..

We hold a monthly open form here, which is open to anyone  accessing services with Recovery Near You (Wolverhampton). The aims of the group are to raise any issues or concerns from the service users and then to relay these concerns to service managers to gain feedback, which is presented at the next forum. This helps to engage service users in their service provision, and ensures that their views are documented, listened to and acted upon. The forum takes place on the first Thursday of every month at (Aquarius) Thornhurst Building (1 Connaught Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4SJ) between 12pm and 2pm.



Surveys and Consultations

SUIT run regular service user experience consultations and surveys that feed in to strategic planning, informing and future development regimes. It is key and crucial that this type  of  intelligence is not just used as a tick box exercise, but is given the value and recognition that it deserves. We are therefore involved in the planning, delivery, reporting, analysis  and implementation of findings.  


Campaigning and Lobbying

Womens GroupWe are often involved in national and global initiatives that aims to bring about societal and political changes to improve the lives of anyone affected by addiction. This is an important part of ensuring that current and future gererations are given every opportunity to overcome their battle with addiction, in a world that understands that that person has every right to live in an environment where their human rights are met, people are free from discrimination and predjudice and therefore are able to concentrate on becoming active citizens.

Examples of this include -: Womens Rights, Support Don't Punish ( Naloxone Availability, Human Rights of Drug Users (, HIV Awareness ( plus many more.    



DRR (Drug Rehabilitation Requirement)

This is work that we carry out with the Probation Service, and involves speaking with individuals who have been placed on an order through the criminal justice route Individuals must attend treatment services, group work plus other requirements that aim to reduce drug using behaviour.

Our workshops are split into 3 categories -: Personal testimonies, SUIT presentations, Advice and support. They all consist of question and answer sessions at the end, as well as also highlighting issues that individuals may be facing, that we try to resolve and feedback to them via probation staff.  

Probation facilitate the sessions, and we go in as consultants to carry out our objectives of empowering those serving these requirements.


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