Interactive Text Messaging and Drug Warning System

SMSWe were the originators of utilising internet based communications methods to disseminate information to drug service users in Wolverhampton. We gather numbers in a number of ways, from service users leaving numbers in our strategically placed in waiting rooms to outreach working.

We use the network to send out harm reduction messages, as well as warning about bad batches of drugs that we find out about.

We also use the system to inform service users about our activities and meetings.

Below is the listings of the various sections of our messaging service, if you are a drugs service user in Wolverhampton you can join the network by texting the following -:

  SUIT GO- 88010 text this to become part of our main group and receive texts about up and coming events. SUIT ALLOTMENT - 88010 For anyone interested in gardening or Simply  being outdoors, we have an allotment space in  Wolverhampton that needs some attention.

SUIT ART- 88010 we have produced art for Horizon House so if getting creative is your thing let us know.  SUIT BOXING- 88010 the boxing group is now up and running if you would like to try it text us.

   SUIT FOOTBALL- 88010 the football group runs every Monday so if you’re the athletic type (or not) join this group. SUIT WOMEN- 88010 text this to join our women’s group and find out when and where we meet.

SUIT INFO- 88010 if you would like any information on SUIT we will call you back and fill you in.  SUIT TRAIN- 88010 if you are interested in training we can help you with this.

SUIT TREAT- 88010 if you want to get treatment we can refer you. SUIT WARN- 88010 if you have heard or know about any bad batches of drugs going round let us know so we can warn others (confidential)

(Standard network charges apply (25p) to all messages you send us, messages then received are free)


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