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UK News

After Nearly 11 Years at the Helm of SUIT, Sunny Dhadley is Moving On!

SUIT Manager 'Sunny Dhadley' Shortlisted For 'The 2018 Guardian Public Servant of the Year' Award

Fentanyl and Cocaine Deaths Rise (BBC)

Read Blog Written by a SUIT Volunteer - 'HIV: Don't You Forget About Me'

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Proposes New Approach to Tackling Drugs

National Alliance of Sport Article (Research Funded by Minisrty of Justice) - How SUIT is using Sport in Helping Those Addicted in Building a Better Life

SUIT Involved in Sky News Story Relating to Volteface Report of Cannabis 'Street Lottery'

UK Drugs Startegy Launched

Fentanyl Deaths: Warning in UK as Drug Kills at Least 60

The True Face of The Drug Epidemic Ravaging UK Prisons (SUIT Article) - Written & Produced by Huck

Will Ban on Legal Highs Work?

 Click on image to the left for a hilarious project that SUIT are involved with.

Update to DBS Website - Answers to Queries Function Added

 Read the latest guidance on Service User Involvement (including SUIT)

Listen to SUIT Managers' Podcast on Overcoming Addiction, Social Reform plus more......

SUIT Manager Awarded Chartered Manager of The Year 2015

Furniture Drugs Delivery - £800,000 of Coacaine, Man Jailed

Birmingham Mum Fed Her Toddler Methadone

Skills Consortium for Substance Misuse '2015 Peer Supporters Toolkit'

North Yorkshire Pilot Admits £5m Cocaine Charge

Two British Men Die Snorting 'White Heroin' in Amsterdam

Huge Cocaine Haul Found In Furniture in County Tyrone

Making The Case -: A Practical Guide to Promoting Drug and Alcohol Treatment & Recovery Services Locally

Drug Users to be Given Foil to Encourage Treatment

SUIT Awarded 2014 Queens Award for Voluntary Service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrities Sign Letter Calling for Drug Law Change

Drugs and Prostitution to be included in UK National Accounts  

More Students Using 'Smart' Drugs

'Heroin Role' in Peaches Geldolf Death

Ketamine 'Exciting' Depression Therapy

Who Cares About Celebrity Drug Stories?

Blackpool Toddler Methadone Death 

Baby Boomer Drug and Alcohol Warning

Rise in Deaths From Legal Highs

Ketamine to Become a Class B Drug

Nick Clegg: Britain Must Join Debate on New Approach to War on Drugs

23 Street Drug Dealers in Wolverhampton Jailed

SUIT Tacking Substance Misuse Among British Asians (Article and Video)

UK Opts Out of EU 'Legal High' Plan

Student Sliced Off His Own Penis After Stabbing His Mother While High on Meow Meow

£30million Drugs Haul Found in Brownhills, Walsall, West Midlands  

LSD Substitute NBOMe Should be Class A - Advisers Say

Don't Make Khat a Class C Drug, MP's Urge Government

Co-op Bank Ex Boss Paul Flowers 'Filmed Buying Drugs'

Instagram Blocks Some Drug Advert Tags after BBC Probe

'Krokodil' Trend of Flesh Rotting Drugs Hits UK

End War on Drugs, says Durham Police Chief Mike Barton

Why not................Legalise Drugs?

UK's is Europe's 'Addictions Capital' says Think Tank

Drug Addiction Not a Criminal Issue, says Chief Medical Officer

Fresh Fears Over PMA Being Used in Ecstacy Pills

How Many Britons Have Taken Illegal Drugs and Who Are They?

Why Doesn't The UK Have A Crystal Meth Problem?

British Drug Case Trio Return Home After Dubai Pardon

Drug Use Falls But Laughing Gas Trend Revealed

Arrest Over 'Fake Ecstacy' Death

Drug Users to be Given Foil, to encourage Treatment

Herbal Stimulant Khat to be Banned

 Britain has Largest Legal High Market in EU. Click image for article

Wolverhampton Toddler's Heroin Death Parents Plead Guilty

Wolverhampton MP Paul Uppal Visits SUIT

Mephedrone Drug Raids in Greater Manchester

Liverpool Gang Jailed for Multi Million Pound Drugs Plot

Bolton Drug Deaths: Toxicology Tests to Take Place

Class A Drugs Policy Failing, Say Prison Governors

Methadone Addiction Blog 

Consumption Rooms for Legal Drug Taking Around the World

New Services Providing Drug and Alcohol Treatment Launched in Wolverhampton

Absurd Drug Laws Hinder Research - Proff David Nutt

Policeman Nicholas McFadden Jailed for Selling Drugs

Recovering Addicts 'Can Be Top Employees'

Suffolk Heroin User Dies Following Anthrax Infection

May Rejects Call from MP's for Fundamental Rethink of Drug Strategy

Heroin and Crack Use Falls, say National Treatment Agency

Train Death Cricketer was High on Illicit Substances

Decriminalise Heroin and Cocaine says Belfast Drug Worker

Methadone Beaker Parents Guilty of Manslaughter 

Derbyshire Toddler Drank Fatal Beaker of Methadone

Three Babies a Day are Born Hooked on Heroin and Cocaine in the UK

Angry Wolverhampton Locals Grass Up Heroin Drug Dealer Suspect

Call for New Drug Policy Research Body

 Cannabis Makes Pain More Bearable, according to a recent Study. Click on image for story

Police Warn of Possible Ecstacy Deaths in the UK

UK Doctor Sentenced For Injecting Wife With Heroin

Can Bosses Help Addicts?

Consider Drug Decriminalisation System. MP's Say

Trick or Treat Children Accidently Given Cocaine Bags

Rise in Club Drug Treatment

Fifth UK Drug User is Infected with Anthrax

SUIT Involvement with BITC & Carillion in Supporting People with Homelessness and Substance Misuse Issues Back Into Employment

Pregnant UK Woman Denies Smuggling Heroin from Pakistan

Truckers Driving on Class A Drugs to relieve Boredom

Wolverhampton Substance Misuse Services Consultation & Results

Cannabis Memory Effects Examined

Cannabis drivers 'twice as likely to cause a crash'

Brains May Be Wired For Addiction - "What do you think?"

{Spent Convictions Time Reductions Proposed}

UK Could Become 'Smuggling Hub' for legal High KHAT

Experts to Consider Case for New Drug Driving Offence

Designer Drugs : Effects on Brain Chemistry 'Like Ecstasy'

(IMPORTANT) - Wolverhampton Substance Misuse Services Consultation

Ex-MI5 Boss Urges Debate About Decriminalising Cannabis

Legal Highs Need More Controls, says Drug Council

Drug Suspects - Treat NOT Prosecute say Advisors

Heroin & Crack Cocaine users in treatment in the England falls

First UK 'Club Drug Help Clinic' Opens in West London

Alcohol was Amy Winehouse's Downfall, says Father Mitch

Lib Dems to Debate Drugs Enquiry at Party Conference

Southampton Cocaine Haul 'worth up to £300m'

Amy Winehouse's Father 'Mitch' urges more Drug Help

Many GP's Prescribe to Addicted Patients

E's not what you'd excpect them to be - Click on image for more details

Scotland tops World Cociane Use

Worries Over Legal Highs

Older Drinkers Need Lower Limit - according to a report

Drug Treatment Policy for England 'doomed for failure'

Ex-cagefighter Vincent Graham jailed for cocaine plot

Grant Yuill methadone baby trial jury retires

Drug Addicts Benefit Withdrawal Considered

SUIT Tier 4 Research Project

Understanding Addiction - Click here to visit a site that explains some of the myths surrounding addiction

Royal Navy Wren Jailed for Smuggling Cocaine on Warship

UK Addict Tells of Taliban Recruitment

Call to Ban 'Party Drug' NRG1

Harm Reduction Campaign 2010

Phenazepam - A New Drug to be aware of.......

Minority Groups are Being Neglected by bu Drug Services, says UKDPC

Addiction Drugs may Boost Weight Loss

Drug Driving Equipment to be trialled

Benzocaine Targeted in Drugs War on 'Cutting Agents'

****David Cameron shifts Drug Addicts Treatment to Live-in Schemes****

Smuggler Jailed for Cocaine in Rum Bottle Death 

School Drugs Menace Growing

Drugs Laws review backed by former RCP president - who backs the case for decriminalisation


Cannabis factories growing at a record rate - Click for full story

Ivory Wave is new £15.00 Legal High Driving Dozens Mad


<WARNING> Anthrax Found in a Man's Body After a Heroin Related Death

 British Troops Investigated for Heroin Smuggling

George Michael Jailed for 8 Weeks for Drug Driving - Click here to read full story

£500,00 Cannabis Found in Lorry at Ferryport

Breakthrough in Britains War on Drugs and Crime

Addicts 'Spitting Out Methadone to Resell it'

Drug Users Turning to Legal Highs

Charity Offers Users £200 to be sterilised

Gazza Arrested Over Drug Offence

Alcohol More Harmful Than Heroin & Crack Cocaine

Cociane Use in UK, highest in Europe - Click for full story

A Quarter of those with HIV in UK are unaware they have the virus

Drugs Advice Body Needs Scientists, say Campaigners

END ADDICTION, New Government Strategy urges !

Drug Chemicals Wholesaler Jailed

Heathrow Customs Officers Told not to Search for Drugs

7/7 Firefighter Jailed for Drug Smuggling

Ministers say a drug driving detector is a step closer - Click here

Dramatic Drop In Amount Of Heroin In the UK

Concern Over Mother Jailed for Restraining Daughter on Drugs

Dame Judy Dench and Sting head Drug rethink Call

International News

UNGASS 2016 - International Special Assembley on Drugs

Australian Criminal Gangs Driving Crystal Meth Boom

Columbian President Back Medical Marijuana Use

Godfather of Ecstasy 'Alexander Shulgin' Dies Aged 88

FBI Could Hire Hackers on Cannabis to Fight Cyber Crime

Marijuana Linked to Death of Colorado Exchange Student

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Killed by a 'Toxic Mix of Drugs'

Tips For Recovering Addicts on How to Spot the Enables in thier Lives

Phillip Seymour Hoffman: 70 Bags of Heoin in Dead Actors Home

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admitted Smoked Crack Cocaine

War on Illegal Drugs Failing, Medical Researchers Warn

1 Million Died from Afghan Heroin, Drug Production 40 Times Higher Since NATO Operation

Effects of Cocaine Use on HIV Progression

Lindsay Sandiford Accuses UK of Condoning Death Penalty

LSD Inventor Albert Hoffman Dead at Age 102

Afghanistan, the Drug Addiction Capital

Spread of Hepatitis C Pinpointed

Bali Drugs: Death Penalty for Briton Lindsay Sandiford

Uruguay Government Aims to Legalise Marijuana

Mexico Arrests 'Billionaire' Drug Lords Son

Heroin Horror Stalks India's Most Remote Villages

Abuse of Painkillers reaches 'epidemic' levels in the US

Hackers Threaten Mexican Drug Cartel in YouTube Film

World Health Organisation - Hepatitis Toll in the Millions. Click on this image for full report

Warning Over Legal Russian Drug Phenazepam

Mexico Arrests Top Drug Gang Leader

New Drugs Offset Heroin & Cocaine gains, says UN

US Pledge More Funds to Combat War on Drugs

Drug Cases Shoot Up 16% in the last Year in China

Jamaican Drug Lord Arrested

Worlds Biggest Drugs Cartel Busted by US Authorities in Columbia

Babies Receive Drugs and Medicines Through Breast Milk

Global State of Harm Reduction 2010

Cocaine World Cup

Fears Over Online 'Digital Drugs' Rejected

Police Seize $1.7 Billion worth of Marijuana in the US

Military Kills Mexican Drug Lord Ignacio Coronel

Drugs : Its more than just the Substances ; its the Prohibition itself

Living in Fear of Mexico's Drug Wars

Did the CIA Spread LSD in French Town in the 1960's?

New Armed Drug Trafficking Groups Menace Columbia

Mexico Security Forces Seize 105 Tonnes of Marijuana

Mary Ann Sieghart: Restore Sanity in the Debate on Drugs

Rio Drug Traffickers are surrounded by Police and Army

Second Mexico-US Drug Tunnel Found in Tijuana

Child Addicts Find Help in a Corner of Kabul

Mexico Drug War : Number Dead Passes 30,000

Colombia Extradites 'Queen of Amphetamines' to the US

Legal Highs Makers 'used my blueprints', US Chemist says

Hillary Clinton Backs Mexico Drug War

Global War on Drugs has 'Failed' according to World Leaders

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